Screenshots of the project website is a website that documents the attempt of being together across nation borders. It documents steps of relationship building and reflections about the act of doing so. Fatemeh Towhidlou from Teheran, Iran and Huda Zikry from Cairo, Egypt, were both approached by me, in order to initiate this meta-reflective act of being together, which required us to document every step of this journey. To be observant of how relationships grow, puts these relationships under a special strain and I am more than thankful to have been able to share this experience with both of them.


On a more abstract level it is an artistic reflection on forming a transdisciplinary group of collaborators around socially engaged art practices from the European continent and the SWANA region and looks at how intersecting privileges/marginalizations affect relationships, collective decisions, collaboration, social/artistic aesthetics and ethics. These observations were made during the conditions of the global pandemic and bring to the center the initial questions: How do political communication and global phenomena affect the mood and potential for action of small groups in our immediate surroundings?


This project was funded by the Hessian Cultural Endowment (Hessische Kulturstiftung).