Spontaneous Manifestos

Informed by my group experiences and inspired by a text about the very limits of collective decision making, the actual subjective and collective requirements of models of decision making brought me to the practice of suggesting "Spontaneous manifestos" to random collaborators.


In this process I am trying to moderate a group conversation that should generate a manifestation of the often smallest common denominator of what this temporary group can stand for a collectively defined time period. In most cases it turns out, that people can't really take the commitment to make bold statements as single persons and even less as a group. However, the more detailed collective claims are, the more satisfied collaborators seem after the process.

The video is a poetic approach towards death and the particular role of the (mediterranean) sea within the circles of mammal life.




Das Video nähert sich dem Tod auf poetische Weise und beleuchtet die besondere Rolle des (Mittel-)Meers innerhalb der Lebenszyklen von Säugetieren.