Teaser - Episode 4: Social Justice Warriors

In the fourth episode, one encounters my two sisters sharing a common conflict. It is the relationship between self-care and responsibility for others. In reflection of their privileges, we three sisters have chosen different strategies to do ‚good‘ in the world. But what is the good, the just and the right?


Description and continuation:


Xenia has studied participative planning processes in political decision-making and now works in a municipal authority. To her greatest frustration, Delia has follow a bureaucratic trajectory in which she has to do at least a Bachelor's Degree in "Non-Profit and Public Management“ in addition to her training as a nurse here in Germany, so that she can build her own organisation. Delia is the most radical of us. She does what is generally understood as „good“. She used to spend the nights in the Berlin Zoo station mission or in refugee shelters, and before she built the first Georgian palliative ward for children with the wife of the Minister of Georgia, Irina, without any major bureaucratic hurdles. When she has finished her studies, she first wants to go back to „Doctors without Borders“.


It‘s more than a competition between siblings about which strategy and structure is the best to be just. We all deal in one way or another with organizations and how they can be built, changed or replaced.


What do family relationships have to do with the quest for justice? Why do we compete at all? Is this the struggle for the sovereignty of interpretation over the „most morally valuable“ struggle? What are the trenches that run through intimate relationships?






I currently see the following connectons:


1. fundamental mechanisms of how decisions are made in groups.

2. conflict research and conflict resolution strategies in interpersonal relationships and their parallels with organizations and instruments used in local and regional authorities and global political conflicts.


*This page contains information on one of three episodes that are still in preparation. In the sense of practical research, they are each "exposés" and teasers to be expanded. They are already legitimate as cinematic questions. The visualization of the process is programmatic.


The video is a poetic approach towards death and the particular role of the (mediterranean) sea within the circles of mammal life.




Das Video nähert sich dem Tod auf poetische Weise und beleuchtet die besondere Rolle des (Mittel-)Meers innerhalb der Lebenszyklen von Säugetieren.