Jaydn Hubrecht's Divine Dividuals of A. K. Jakubek

Video documentation of installation.


My name is Jaydn Hubrecht. I will guide you through my project „Divine Dividuals of A. K. Jakubek“. A few words about me: I am an alter ego, an aid prosthesis, or a collective brand (you canunderstand it in the way that many people can use my name for their own work). Here I am the master*mistress narrator, I am the omniscient author who wants to give you the illusion that there is an external voice, a Dea ex Machina. I will tell you a few things about the films and their surroundings and about Amelie Jakubek. As a visitor, please imagine myself as your good-natured instructor, your motherly friend. I am like a Baba Jaga, creepy and at the same time a helping hand, the superhuman fairytale figure we all dream of at our side.


 „I deconstruct/delocalize/disposess/dissolve/disassemble/reassemble and recall my own identity to suggest that my self is only a by-product of material whose clashes and interrelations are entangled in networks of global and local narratives, stories and their personal manifestations. The only true form of power we have is the rearrangement of these artifacts [identities, Jaydn Hubrecht‘s note] within ourselves and the active decision to give voice to our marginalized identities. To those identities that feel weak, vulnerable and who are suffering.“


    Quote from Jaydn Hubrecht‘s Preliminary

    Episode Guide


Jaydn Hubrecht's Preliminary

Episode Guide (German)

„Jaydn Hubrecht´s Divine Dividuals of A. K. Jakubek“ is a long-term project which is sectioned into episodes and which has an open end. The project currently consists of the constantly revised „Preliminary Episode Guide of Jaydn Hubrecht“ (the preliminary episode guide of Jaydn Hubrecht) -  an accompanying text with a narrative processing of the research and a growing number of non-chronologically ordered cinematic „episodes“. Based on the thesis that humans aren‘t sovereign subjects but fluctuating identity clusters embedded in relational and historical networks, I examine the networks that constitute me as a whole and determine how the „self“ is connected to the world.