Amelie Kristina Jakubek *1990 Nuremberg/Germany lives and works in Kassel/Germany Education: 2010 School of Art and Design Kassel 2011- Class of Mathilde ter Hejne 2013-2014 Class of Hans Bernhard/ Joel Baumann 2014-2015 Class of Christian Philipp Müller since 2011 Student of Sociology/Political Sciences at the University of Kassel Exhibitions (Group-shows): 2017 Installation with ACAD&C A GENDER OF AGENCY // Macht, Masse, Kollektiv, Leipzig Performer with ACAD&C ART GAZING// participative performance at Stellwerk, Kassel 2016 Performer with ACAD&C A TABLE OF CONTENT // Performance Contributing artist ART PRODUCTION BEYOND THE ART MARKET // WHAT IT DOES TO YOUR CITY, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin Performer with ACAD&C WORKING OUT // Performance connected to the exhibition “Vom Wert der Kunst als Wert der Arbeit” at Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf Installation with ACAD&C THE VULNERABLE ARTIST / A GENDER OF AGENCY / POSTER CAMPAIGN // “Vom Wert der Kunst als Wert der Arbeit”, WELTKUNSTZIMMER, Düsseldorf Contributing artist with ACAD&C A GENDER OF AGENCY // “Verführen”, Kunstverein Wolfsburg Performer with ACAD&C OFFICE HOURS // 2-month durational performance, Kunsthochschule Kassel Contributing artist with ACAD&C A GENDER OF AGENCY // Screening, OFFICE ACAD&C Kunsthochschule Kassel 2015 Artist in Cooperation with Jaydn Hubrecht H.A.T.E.S. (Higher Arts and the existing society)// Erlöserkirche Harleshausen Performer with ACAD&C QUEERING TASTE - TOTAL AFFIRMATION // Project Space Exchange Festival, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Art Week Berlin Performer with ACAD&C NO*BODY IS THINKING // Ladyfest Kassel Performer with ACAD&C LICKERS_LIQUEURS // Annual exhibiton "Rundgang" Kunsthochschule Kassel Jaydn Hubrecht CORPORAL ENTITY // Annual exhibition "Rundgang" / Class of Christian Philipp Müller Performer with ACAD&C TEMPORARY OFFICE OF ACAD&C // Fringe Arts, Bath Jaydn Hubrecht/Artist HEAVY SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY // L40, Berlin 2014 Jaydn Hubrecht/Artist WEIHNACHTSWARTE // TOKONOMA,Kassel Jaydn Hubrecht/Artist SOFT // Warte für Kunst, Kassel Performer SNAKES - THE MUSICAL by DUBAIS // Randfilm Festival, Kassel Collaborator and Curator for the Show THIRST FOR SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL // Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin Artist ANNUAL EXHIBITION "Rundgang" // Kunsthochschule Kassel Artist "JA. ICH WILL." Klasse von Prof. Johannes Spehr mit der Klasse von Prof. Marko Lehanka (AdBK Nürnberg) // Interim Kassel Performing Artist PERFORMATION // TOKONOMA, Kassel Performing Artist I NEED TO LAY // Kunstverein, Kassel 2013 Artist WEIHNACHTSWARTE // TOKONOMA,Kassel Artist CHRONOS: TWEVE ARTISTS: TWELVE ARTWORKS // Artlab, Berlin Artist ANNUAL EXHIBITION "Rundgang" // Kunsthochschule Kassel Choreographer and Artist MY BUSINESS // Choreografische Werkstatt in Cooperation with the Staatstheater Kassel, Interim, Kassel Artist ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT Best of // Vesch, Vienna Artist ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT Best of // L40, Berlin Artist ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT II // Interim, Kassel Performing Artist THE AUTONOMOUS ZONE I - THE EROGENOUS ZONE // Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin Artist KUNSTHOCH 44 // White Box e.V., München Artist INTERVENTIONEN // Regierungspräsidium, Kassel Artist ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT I // Kunstuniversität, Linz Price: 2016 Rundgangspreis (2500€) for ACAD&C Screening: 2015 CORPORAL ENTITY // DOK-Fest, Kassel 2016 A GENDER OF AGNECY // DOK-Fest, Kassel Published Texts: DESIRÉE / A MAgazine on Stalking // "Post-mortal Stalking in the late beginning of the Internet" ACAD&C / ISSUE:1 // several articles KUNST RECHT PROZESS (Booklet of Gottlieb&Jones for the Exhibition of the same name)// texts for René Wagner, Jan Mensen, Sebastian Tröger and general introduction in cooperation with Gottlieb&Jones Workshop: In 2015 I was coorganising the interdisciplinary format "SALON UNIVERSITAS" on the subject "Intuition" with Ella Ziegler and Lucy Powell at the School of Art and Design Kassel. In 2014 I held a workshop in cooperation with Hans Bernhard called "ART Next Level" discussing different views on art and refering constructs from the point of view of art-sociology. Media: Online Spiegel Art Parasites Purple Node - Center for Curatorial Studies CV Jaydn Hubrecht
Amelie Jakubek Jaydn Hubrecht



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